Nancy E. Roman, Author at Capital Area Food Bank
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Calling All Volunteers!

The Capital Area Food Bank is excited to announce our Digital Food Drive crowdfunder, a new volunteer opportunity aimed at boosting our food supply just in time to provide meals to children and teenagers who will be out of school in a few short weeks. Read More

Stemming the Rising Tide of Suburban Hunger

Hunger knows no age, no race, no religion and increasingly, no zip code. The Capital Area Food Bank is committed to tackling this tough challenge, and to finding ways to reach children, seniors, and families with good food no matter where they live. Read More

Nutrition Ed Helps Food Dollar Stretch

A new study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that nutrition education actually reduces hunger over time. That’s right: The study found that the right kind of nutrition education actually reduced food insecurity by 25%. Read More

Tom Wilson is right.

When corporations are called upon to be a force to good in society, many may think about paying a living wage or providing good health coverage. And those things absolutely matter. But companies also have the power to bite off a particular problem and work to solve it. Read More