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Food+ Partnerships

We know it takes more than a meal to solve hunger. That’s why, in addition to distributing food, we’re also working with multiple partners to address the root causes of food insecurity.

Making sure that people have equitable access to nutritious food is at the core of our mission. But we know that food alone won’t solve hunger and food insecurity because these issues are so often part of larger challenges. To address the root causes of hunger and inequity in our region, we need new and innovative approaches.

That’s why now, and moving forward, we have a dual focus on addressing hunger today while also piloting innovative models that will create longer-term food security tomorrow. These approaches are part of a new model called Food+ that expands beyond our traditional food provider network to test a variety of pilot projects that “bundle” food with other critical services such as health care, skills development, and more. With our partners, we’re creating places where people can come for food and find additional services that can transform their lives.

As we evaluate our efforts and see what service bundles make the largest impact, we’ll scale those that are most effective. The overall goals of our pilots are to work in partnership across sectors, pair food with services provided by others, and develop pathways for individuals to move from intensive support to less support, creating incremental steps towards food security.

How we’re helping people with more than food

Food + Health

Integrates food into health care settings to promote disease prevention and management.

Food + Education

Increasing food access to support college students as they pursue their academic goals.

Food + Skills Development

Removes the burden of food costs for people seeking skills development.

Healthy Food Access & Affordability

Builds a bridge from free to affordable food by increasing access and affordability in food deserts.

By partnering with the food bank on meals, we’re able to create more room in the budget for case management, housing counseling, job counseling, motivational speakers, a staff therapist, and the on-site medical clinic. This ensures a robust program for our veterans to work their way toward their goals.

Dwayne Jones Partner

Help Us Address the Root Causes of Hunger

With a simple donation, you can create real change for someone in our community. A single dollar can help provide 2 meals. Help make an impact today.