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A college degree can be the ticket to a brighter future. But a growing number of college students have difficulty accessing the nutritious foods they need to successfully pursue their diploma. 

Helping students thrive

No student in our area should have to choose between putting food on the table and achieving their full potential in the classroom. By bundling food and other support services for students, we’re working to help improve academic outcomes and long-term financial stability 

How we help

The food bank is partnering with three community colleges — Northern Virginia Community College, Montgomery College, and Prince George’s Community College — to support students experiencing food insecurity. 

Through the pilot programs, students can access healthy food options through on-campus pantries, groceries delivered to students’ home, and through credits for purchasing meals at on-campus dining locations. Some students also receive gift cards to grocery stores, along with support from the food bank’s nutrition education team on food budgeting and meal preparation. 

Providing food for vulnerable college students allows them to better focus on their academic performance and well-being. That increases the return on the students’ investment in their education, both for themselves and for our regional economy. 

It takes more than food

The Capital Area Food Bank is launching multiple Food+ programs to help find solutions for hunger by addressing its root causes. If your organization offers services to students in need or would like to help make these programs possible, please contact Grace Brown at