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What We Do

Everyone deserves good food today and a bright future tomorrow.

We work with 400+ nonprofit partners across the region.

Together, we provide more than 50 million meals every year.

Providing food to help people thrive today

The Capital Area Food Bank is the anchor of the hunger relief infrastructure in our region, providing more than 50 million meals to people in communities across D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. But we don’t stop there, because we know that creating long term solutions to hunger requires more than meals. It requires education, training, and opportunity. In short, it demands ideas that address the big picture. That’s why we’re approaching the problem in multiple ways: providing food for today, and addressing the root causes of hunger by partnering with organizations that provide critical services like job training programs and health care.

Without good food, everything becomes more difficult—including thinking, learning, growing, and staying healthy. Every day, our partners, donors, and volunteers help to change that for thousands of people.

Here’s how it works.

Food Donations

As the leading hunger relief organization in our region, our scale allows us to work with partners across the food system, from food distributors and retailers to restaurants, farms, and individuals.

Our Distribution Center

Food donations come to our 123,000 square-foot distribution center, where our staff and 20,000+ annual volunteers sort and prepare items for distribution. Every year, our warehouse fills up and empties again 11 times over.

Nonprofit Food Assistance Partners

We’re able to provide food to kids, families, and seniors in neighborhoods across our region because of our hundreds of nonprofit food assistance partners. From larger partners such as Martha’s Table, Bread for the City, Manna, and Food for Others to smaller soup kitchens and pantries, we provide the food that more than 400 organizations need to feed the people they serve.

Partner With Us

Our Direct Distribution Programs

In addition to providing food through our partners, we also distribute food directly into the community in instances where a brick and mortar partner isn’t available, or where providing food directly is most efficient. Our direct programs include after-school meals for kids, free produce markets, and emergency food distributions that we can mobilize when needed.

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Our Neighbors in Need

Every day, there are thousands of people in our community wondering how they’ll put food on the table for themselves and their families. Our partners, contributors, and volunteers make it possible to bring nourishment and hope to those who are struggling.

Need food?

Get Help

Thanks to the Capital Area Food Bank, we’re able to provide healthy complete meals for our students all year. Their families can be confident that the student is well-fed when they come home in the evening.

Cierra Peterson Partner

Creating brighter futures for tomorrow

Food has the power to move each of us forward. As we provide food for today in ways that are smarter and faster, we also want to provide more individuals and families with the opportunity to transform their lives and leave hunger behind permanently.

Here’s how we’re doing that.

  • Nutrition & Wellness

    Good food contributes to good health - one of the most essential factors in improving quality of life. That’s why we distribute large quantities of fruits and vegetables, along with food that’s high in fiber and low in salt and sugar. And it’s why we’re committed to providing members of our community with the knowledge and skills they need to eat well and live well.

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  • Farms & Gardening

    Nearly half of the food we provide is fresh produce, and a significant amount of that comes from our partnerships with area farms. We also maintain an 8,000-square-foot urban garden on site, where we share knowledge about easy ways that a small garden or even a potted plant can bring freshly grown produce within reach.

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  • Food Access Initiatives

    Making affordable, quality food more accessible can impact tens of thousands of lives in the Washington metropolitan region. We’re working to promote that change through multiple initiatives, including mobile retail options that bring affordable groceries directly into the community, and partnerships that improve transportation options to full service grocery stores.

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We Can’t Do It Without People Like You

From sourcing and providing thousands of daily meals to organizing programs aimed at helping people live healthier, more food-secure lives, we rely on the generosity and passion of our partners, contributors, and volunteers. There’s a role for everyone as we work to solve this challenge, including you. We hope you’ll join us.