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Calling All Volunteers!

By Nancy E. Roman May 30, 2017

The Capital Area Food Bank is excited to announce our Digital Food Drive, a new volunteer opportunity aimed at boosting our food supply just in time to provide meals to children and teenagers who will be out of school in a few short weeks. Many students from low-income families eat their best and most nutritious meal of the day at school through free and reduced-price lunch programs. When school closes, their warm – and sometimes only – meal of the day is gone.

Each year about 30,000 volunteers come streaming through to help pack bags, sort food and pack produce for the community, contributing $2.7 million to the Food Bank in the way of free labor. That work is invaluable. Historically, however, our food supply is low during the summer months, meaning we have less food to be packed and distributed to the community. We are calling on you, our prized volunteers to help us fill these gaps so that the food bank can provide over 100,000 meals via 55 sites through our summer meals program beginning on June 14th. Would you be willing to start a digital food drive to help gather food and funds in this critical time of need?
It takes less than five minutes to set up and anyone can participate from anywhere! And with the gas and travel time that both you and the food bank will save, your donation goes farther. Every $1 donated through a digital food drive provides food for 2.5 meals!