Host a Digital Food Drive

Provide meals for families throughout our area by hosting a digital food drive!

Why a Digital Food Drive?

You’ll be getting more food to children and families in need. Digital food drives can be hosted anywhere, so your reach isn’t limited to those who can make it to you! Friends and family across the country or on another continent can support your cause with just a few clicks.

Why Funds?

Your dollar goes further! Two cans of black beans will probably cost you a little over a dollar at your local supermarket, but our purchasing power turns $1 into 2.5 balanced nutritious meals. Additionally, as a non-profit, we’re always looking for ways to stretch our resources and use funds strategically. A digital food drive is cost effective because it requires less volunteer and staff time to sort and get food out to the community, and saves on the cost of fuel needed to pick food up.

How Do I Start?

Depending on how you plan on giving, you can host a party against hunger for you next party or simply help us reach our annual digital food drive goal! You can make a one time donation by clicking “Donate” on the upper left hand corner of the page, or build a team page that can be shared with friends, family, and colleagues. To make a team page click “Join Now,” follow the prompts, and begin sharing!

Here are some tips and tricks to make sure that you get the most from your crowdfunding experience:

  • You can add an image and/or video to your team page when you are setting up the page, as well as after it is completed, so don’t forget to freshen up your page with updates
  • Copy the link URL after you create your page and save it to share.
  • Use the social buttons for instant sharing over your social networks. Tag us here:
    Facebook: @capitalareafoodbank
    Twitter: @foodbankmetrodc
    Instagram: @capitalareafoodbank

If you need assistance please contact

Looking for other fun ways to get your friends, family, and colleagues involved? Consider hosting a Facebook fundraiser.

We appreciate your support! Together, we’re feeding 12% of our neighbors in the Washington metro region.