How to Host a Virtual Food Drive | Capital Area Food Bank
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When you host a digital food drive, you can engage people all over the region and beyond in helping to provide the meals that thousands of our neighbors need.

A food drive for the 21st Century

While we readily accept donations of food, we know that it’s not always easy or efficient to collect canned goods and pantry staples from friends, family, and colleagues—especially if you live or work far away from one another. If you’re as passionate as we are about working to solve hunger, a digital food drive is an excellent way to provide support with minimal hassle. It also saves time and fuel.

A digital food drive happens online. Instead of collecting food items, you’ll collect financial donations that we can use to buy the food we need most, including fruits, vegetables, and perishable items like meat and dairy. We’re able to turn every dollar donated into 2 meals, so a digital food drive can help you provide a lot more healthy food than most people could collect on their own. It’s a fantastic and modern way to make a difference.

How to host your digital food drive

We offer a digital food drive page to make collecting donations easy. The site allows you to register as a fundraiser, personalize your page, and promote your efforts through social media and email.

Start a Digital Food Drive

Of course, other sites can also help you host a drive to raise funds for food. No matter what method you choose, we’re here to help you get started. 

If you need assistance setting up your digital food drive, email us at

Donate to Our Annual Digital Food Drive

If you don’t have time to host your own digital food drive, you can donate to our annual drive—and encourage others to do the same. Every year, we run the drive so we can purchase more healthy food. And because of our scale, our purchasing power is quite strong. Every dollar you give helps us provide 2 meals.