Jodi Balis, Author at Capital Area Food Bank
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Recipe of the Month: Leftovers

Turn leftover sweet potatoes and black beans into tortilla soup or a delicious breakfast hash. Leftover avocado adds loads of flavor to a simple salsa. And chili powder can add a kick to almost any meal. Reduce food waste and save money with quick and easy to make meals using leftovers. Read More

CAFB Recipe Cards get a Wellness REFRESH

Recipe cards plus a take home bag of ingredients for a family in need are powerful resources when paired together. The food is nourishment and the recipe card unlocks the power of that food by offering ideas to prepare a healthy affordable meal. Read More

SNEAK PREVIEW of Bountiful Bowls: Kale Love

The food bank is hard at work on an exciting new project that will get delicious, healthy, and low cost recipes into the hands of our community. As we anticipate the September 2016 launch of our new cookbook, “Bountiful Bowls”, we’re giving you a sneak preview of what’s to come. Check back often for updates! Read More

On the Track to Wellness

Wellness at the Capital Area Food Bank will always be central to our work and we now have data and systems to know where we need to go when it comes to our food. Read More

Zoom in on Hunger

From Congress to corporations to one's own kitchen cabinet, there are support networks to weave and strengthen so hunger doesn't happen. Read More