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Recipe of the Month: Community Tasting

By Jodi Balis January 29, 2018

Sweet Potatoes, Partners and Wellness

Today our Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos took the ultimate test ride: a community tasting with our food assistance partners.
When suggestions come from our community partners, the organizations on the front lines feeding families in need, we are given important insights into how useful a resource like a recipe card might be when paired with the bags of groceries provided at a food distribution.
The Sweet Potato and Black Bean Taco was the tasting highlight of our session Find it on the Menu, the first workshop that kicked off our monthly series focusing on food, cooking and wellness.

In this session the group drew inspiration from the posters and displays in the partner lounge, learned how to select healthy food offered on our menu, considered using recipe cards as a jumping off point for a food bank shopping trip, watched a cooking demo and sampled the Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos.
As for the verdict, the tacos got rave reviews! Some inspiring responses:

  • “It is good to offer vegetarian options”
  • “I am adding this to my 3-week meat free challenge”
  • “Can you prepare the filling in advance and then offer samples at a distribution?”
  • “I would add some cilantro and plain yogurt on top”
  • “This is a great recipe to introduce new vegetables. Just add it into the filling”

It is our hope that a recipe card is just the beginning of a conversation. Our food assistance partners were definitely inspired by the recipe and as they left the session with a pack of recipe cards in hand, it was hopeful to think that a child, a senior, a family would take home that recipe card and cook up something nourishing on their own.