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Recipe of the Month: Leftovers

By Jodi Balis January 17, 2018

Waste Less Food and Save Some Bucks Too

One question we often hear is, “Why not buy dinner at a fast food place? It’s cheaper than do-it-yourself dinners, isn’t it?”
Not exactly.
So where do the key cost savings come from with DIY dinners? It’s all in the LEFTOVERS.
There are two types of leftovers to be enjoyed from preparing DIY dinners: meal leftovers and staple leftovers.

Meal Leftovers

Take our recipe of the month, Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soft Tacos. A lot of black bean and sweet potato filling came from that recipe. After enjoying the filling wrapped in a tortilla for dinner and lunch the next day, here are more ways to transform your leftover taco filling:

  • Breakfast Hash: Bake an egg on top and enjoy a hearty breakfast hash
  • Turkey Burgers/Meatloaf: Mix in remaining filling with ground turkey for Tex Mex inspired mini turkey burgers. Or do the same for turkey meatloaf.
  • Tortilla Soup: Add remaining filling to 4 cups of heated chicken broth. Add toasted tortillas cut into strips, a squeeze of 2 limes and cilantro for a tortilla soup inspired meal.

Staple Leftovers

Staples are ingredients with possibility. And when we have leftover staples that’s less money spent on the next grocery trip. Leftovers from our our Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soft Tacos give us staples that, if left to the imagination, can make some tasty bites.

  • Flour tortillas
  • Salsa
  • Chili powder
  • Avocados

To waste less and save on your next grocery trip, try these staple leftovers as:
Baked Nachos: Cut flour tortillas into wedges, toast in the oven 5 minutes at 400 degrees, sprinkle with cheese and chili powder for 5 more minutes or until crispy. Enjoy with smashed avocado and salsa mixed together).
Tortilla Pizza: Top flour tortillas with tomato paste and cheese. Bake at 400 degrees 10 minutes or until browned and bubbly. Frozen veggies like corn are a healthy topping addition.
Breakfast Tacos: Scramble an egg and add salsa and chili powder at the end. Fill flour tortillas and enjoy with sliced avocado.
Leftover tasty avocado on wooden cutting board
Remember, using up meal and staple leftovers is key to getting bang for your buck; helps cut food waste in the kitchen; and helps trim food costs at the grocery store. Enjoy!
For more ideas on using leftovers and staples check out our 7 ways to use a jar of salsa card.