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While food is an important way to address hunger today, creating long-term solutions to food insecurity requires different approaches. Through skills and job training programs, we’re working with our partners to help participants move out of hunger and towards greater economic stability.

Tackling the root causes of hunger

We know that people in need of food are also in need of a variety of other resources to overcome the obstacles poverty presents. Our new Food+ Skills Development program bundles food with workforce development and education. The food bank partners with organizations that can help program participants gain the skills needed to move from low-wage jobs to higher-income professions.

Removing barriers to career advancement with food

The Food+ Skills Development program provides no-cost food to encourage attendance to skills-development classes. With their immediate food needs met, participants can more easily make time for skills development and set longer-term career goals. New skills can create pathways out of hunger and can help program participants more fully participate in and benefit from the growth in our local economy.

It takes more than food

The Capital Area Food Bank is launching multiple Food+ programs to help find solutions for hunger by addressing its root causes. If your organization offers services to people in need or would like to help make these programs possible, please get in contact with Susan Topping at

Food+ Health

Integrates food into health care settings to promote disease prevention and management.

Healthy Food Access & Affordability

Builds a bridge from free to affordable food by increasing access and affordability in food deserts.