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The Capital Area Food Bank wants to support your organization in collecting data about the clients you serve. CAFB will be assisting all Shopping Partners to implement Service Insights in the next few years, but until your organization is onboarded onto the platform, we have created the following tools to help you begin to collect this information. The data analytics team is here to support you with data collection! Please reach out to with data collection questions or requests for support.

How does collecting this information benefit you?

  • Helps you (and CAFB) understand the people you are serving in your community
  • Helps you plan the amount and types of food you should order
  • Allows you to better understand your impact in the community
  • Can help with grant funding applications

These tools and resources are available in multiple languages. If you need additional translations, reach out to

Data Collection Tools

Use these tools to collect data during your food distributions.

Data Collection Tools: How to Use Them

An overview of what these tools are and how to use them.

Data Collection Tools: Question Translations

A list of the questions on the data collection form with language translations. These are helpful if you do not have anyone on site who speaks the languages your clients speak. These resources display the questions included on the tools next to the English translation.

Data Collection: “Why do we collect data?” One-Pager

A resource for you to display to your clients so they understand what information we are collecting, why we collect it, and what we will do with it.

CAFB Partner Survey: Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions related to the biannual partner survey and optional monthly survey on PartnerLink.