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Urban Deer Make a Good Meal

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Long ago, the white-tailed deer were a rare breed in these parts. Their natural predators couldn’t get enough of these delectable creatures. Then man came along, party crashed the feast and drove out all the predators. Since then natural selection has had difficulty keeping these deer out of man’s way. The estimated 20 million deer… Read more »

Feel Like Making a Difference?

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On Friday, February 17 we hosted a group of young teenagers all the way from Outlook, Canada! We also had a father join us with his two young sons. The volunteers packed 640 Weekend Bags as evidenced in the slideshow below! Why did two such different groups decide to volunteer at the food bank? Read some testimonies to find out: Volunteering is for a… Read more »

CAFB Racks Up Help from Harris Teeter

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Imagine shopping at your local Harris Teeter and pulling off grocery items from racks no bigger than your corner store’s. Turn the aisle and you’re then suffocated by obtrusive bookcases holding the remainder of items you need to complete your grocery list. Such was the case at the Capital Area Food Bank’s Northern Virginia Branch… Read more »