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Warehouse Space Needed!

By Molly McGlinchy March 8, 2011


The Capital Area Food Bank is in need of 15,000 to 20,000 square feet of dry warehouse storage in the Metropolitan Area.  We are running out of storage space and need your help!

With reports of declining food donations across the country, you may be wondering why we need more space.  Here are five reasons why!

  1. In order to purchase food at a discounted rate, we purchase tractor-truck loads of food at a time.  This allows us to buy food at a bottom dollar, but it also means finding space to store all of that food!
  2. With the 25 percent increase in the number of individuals served by the Capital Area Food Bank, the need for food has increased over the past four years.  In 2010, CAFB distributed 27 million pounds of food (10.8 million pounds of produce) in our community!  Unfortunately, our little warehouse is not able to expand to meet our needs.
  3. We are planning to move into our new warehouse in April, 2012 which will allow us to provide even MORE food to our community.  However, we just broke ground- so it maybe another year to eighteen months before we can make the transition.  We need more space now!
  4. The donated storage space we have been using is no longer available, since the building was sold to a new owner and construction has begun!
  5. Our volunteers need room to sort food, pack boxes and work on special projects.  If we store food in their space, they will have nowhere to go!

So if you have any extra storage space or know someone who does, we would be so grateful!  Please call Mark Jacquez at 202.526.5344 ext. 305.