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Give Big, The Grocer Way

By cafb November 9, 2016

By now, you know how powerful our partnership with local grocers can be. In fact, their collective support is at the very backbone of our work within the community. Throughout the year, we benefit in many ways from our partnership with our grocers, ranging from daily food donations to innovative pilots. In short, we couldn’t do it without them.
And as we count down the days to the holidays, our grocers are going above and beyond to ensure that good, healthy food is available to those that need it most. By offering in store food and fund drives, check out campaigns at the register and deliveries of turkeys, our valuable partners are supplying our clients with needed food, just like they are preparing to do within their own stores.

Though their support is mighty, they can’t do it alone. So- as you head into your favorite grocery store this weekend, or any day through the holidays, we encourage to jump in- grab a bag, donate at the register, or select our most wanted items and add to our collection bins that are located at the front of the store. Click here to find out how your local grocery store is making a big impact and how you can support.
Together we can solve hunger!