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Out of the box thinking . . . in a box

By Nancy E. Roman June 3, 2016

What’s one foot square, packed with nourishment, and ready to help fuel the brains and bodies of children and families in need?
Answer: Giant’s Nature’s Promise Boxes, packed just for the food bank as a new way to make it easy for the community to donate some of the nutritious foods most requested by those we serve.  naturespromisebox
These packable, stackable, grab-and-go boxes were created in partnership with Giant based on feedback from our food assistance partners. Many of those we work with are seeing a rising demand for low-salt, low -sugar, high-fiber foods as diet-related diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes become more prevalent among those who are hungry.  Each box contains high fiber grains like rice and whole wheat pasta, and lean proteins like tuna and low salt beans – foods that contribute to health.
As a partner dedicated to helping people in our region eat well and be well, Giant is making it easier than ever for the community to help provide our neighbors with access to good food.
Thank you Giant!
Join the movement.