Remembering Hannah…Part 2 - Capital Area Food Bank
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Remembering Hannah…Part 2

By Nancy E. Roman June 8, 2015

hh2This is part two of a four-part tribute to Hannah Hawkins. Read the first, third and fourth parts.
I loved that when I visited Hannah at Children of Mine, which I did a couple of times, she would passionately address whatever we were talking about (types of food, children’s needs) but always break away from our conversation to engage a child – sometimes firmly if he was acting up or sometimes lovingly when a need was expressed, but she always had a large part of her heart and mind on the children.
I loved it that during board meetings, when we would burrow down into technical issues regarding the budget or metrics, she would break into a soulful account that the bottom line was all about hungry people – hungry children, hungry men and hungry women. She would remind us that the lines were long at Children of Mine, that the need was deep and great, that hunger was real … and suddenly, budget details seemed less important.
I loved it that she always stopped each and every time I saw her on the shopping floor, or in the Partner Agency lounge, to let me know what was on her mind and something important was always on her mind.
I loved it that she gave shout outs to the staff often – and most often to Steve Schulman, our Agency Mart Manager. But also to Jody Tick, Senior Director of Food Resources and Programs, and all those who worked with her on the garden for Children of Mine.
I loved it even when she called me while I was driving in the car one night late to talk about food selection and quality at the food bank. Why did I love it that she was calling way past business hours?  Because she cared.  She was passionate, and although I didn’t always agree with her viewpoint, I deeply admired her passion and how that passion translated into warm food and warm arms wrapped around her children in endless support for those she served.
I did not love it that the last three or four times that I saw Hannah, slimmer and slighter each time, and could feel the energy ebbing from her. It was clear she was not well. But that she was not giving up.
I will miss Hannah.