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The Body You Want – For Protein We Want!

By Molly McGlinchy May 13, 2013

body-you-wantAs temperatures continue to climb, flowers bloom and pollen covers our cars, many are taking advantage of the spring weather to focus on fitness!
In the spirit of building a healthier body, The Body You Want Fitness Solutions (TBYW) stepped up in a big way for the entire month of April, and as with a good workout – the results are impressive!
The facility added a metabolic acceleration class to its Sunday schedule and instead of charging for the class, participants simply donated four pounds of lean protein for the Capital Area Food Bank.
“We collected a little over 300 lbs. of non-perishable protein, and also have a little over $300 in cash,” says Co-founder Josef Brandenburg of his generous students.
“The Protein Food Drive is an opportunity to do something good for others and to do something good for yourself,” says Brandenburg.
“ If you’re a family who lives on food stamps it’s really hard to afford to get enough protein in your diet or your child’s diet, so donating nonperishable protein to the CAFB is really important to make sure that low income families don’t just get quantity of food, but also quality.”
“We had 15 to 20 people per class — I’m really happy with that,” Brandenburg says of the community members who took advantage of the chance to work on physical fitness for free, while providing support for the Capital Area Food Bank.
With the nonperishable proteins: natural peanut butter, canned chicken, tuna or salmon that the gym participants dropped off, we have The Body You Want to thank!