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Feeling of Satisfaction is Michael’s Driving Force

By Molly McGlinchy December 13, 2012

With a little over a year under his belt, Capital Area Food Bank Truck Driver Michael Joseph has learned a lot about what it means to serve those in need on a daily basis.
“I have learned that there are a lot of hungry people in our community and the economy is playing a big role. There are also a lot of giving and caring people that are willing to help,” Michael explained while unloading his truck one recent afternoon.
Every morning, Michael loads his truck to begin another day that is different from the last. Like all CAFB drivers, Michael’s job ranges greatly, meaning that he never follows the same route two days in a row. His responsibilities include, but are not limited to, delivering food donations to our partner agencies, providing support during food bank events, picking up food donations and distributing fresh produce at Mobile Food Pantries.
It is hard to believe that Michael’s favorite part of the job is not maneuvering his pallet jack or driving his 26-foot truck around the beltway, but instead, “I get to help make sure people that are in need get the food they need. I see people that are working and ask for food. One of the challenges we face as an organization is making sure that there is enough food for those that are hungry.”
When Michael is not in his truck or working hard in the CAFB distribution center, he can be found in his kitchen. His favorite food may be pasta, but he sure makes a mean chicken curry. If you are up early enough, you may catch Michael arriving to work with a cooler filled with delicious leftovers from the night before, always willing to share.
Michael Joseph is quite literally providing help where the rubber meets the road.