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Share the Harvest This Holiday Season

By Susan Topping December 9, 2011

It’s not easy to find the right holiday gift for everyone.  Your mom’s no help.  Instead of giving you a list she tells you, “I’m just happy that the whole family is together.”  Your uncle has every toy an adult could possibly own and any he doesn’t, you can’t afford anyway.  And your friends are so socially conscious that they don’t want to contribute to the corporate greed of the holidays…so what gifts can you give?  What’s right for mom, the guy who has everything and the person who cares about everything?
In an effort to prioritize good health, the Capital Area Food Bank works with local farms, farmers markets and local food projects to get more fresh produce into the hands of our low-income neighbors.   Through Share the Harvest Gift Project, every dollar enables more families in this area to receive additional fresh produce and improve their health. 
When you purchase a gift in someone’s name, you’ve made it possible for us to partner with more local farms and purchase extra fresh produce for people in need.  It doesn’t stop there.  The Capital Area Food Bank offers a wide variety of nutrition education classes that help people make the most of the fresh produce they receive.  Additionally, youth are engaged through garden and cooking programs that weave the message of nutrition into tangible activities.   Your contribution helps us train leaders at social service organizations to be nutrition educators in their own communities. 
Please help us work for long-term solutions by sourcing locally grown produce and providing people with not only the healthiest food, but also the educational tools they need to improve their own health now and in the future.
To find out more about Share the Harvest please click here.