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Black Friday

By Dario Muralles November 22, 2011

Black Friday by definition is a day that many retailers eagerly anticipate. They look forward to having sales that put them back in the black, meaning that they are finally making a profit.
We experience our own Black Friday, more frequently when we receive our regular paychecks. But did you know that fewer people in the area experienced Black Fridays this year? With a weak economy and unemployment rates at all-time highs there are more people losing jobs or experiencing a reduction in hours that cause them to struggle to pay rent, utilities, or buy food. More kids are going to bed hungry while their parents worry where their next paycheck will come from.
Change is a word we hear frequently but did you know that you can affect change by helping to put food on someone’s table? Imagine what would happen if everyone in the Washington metro region decided this year to make a change and help put food on someone’s table? Wouldn’t we all experience a Black Friday? We receive the highest return on investment when we decide to invest in people. Below, you will see footage of organizations that are changing the world by investing in people. These amazing individuals are giving a hand up, and not a handout. Happy Thanksgiving!