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Harvest for Health Inspires

By Marian Peele May 11, 2010

This past March, I sat in on 1 of 3 classes for the Agency Achievement Academy’s Garden Series.  The Garden Series was facilitated by our own, JuJu Harris and Susan Topping.  The goal of the Garden series is to educate community organizations on the basis of starting and maintaining a garden.  JuJu and Susan are passionate about gardening and their passion, brother, is contagious!   Unfortunately, I had to tear myself away from the workshop to get back to my office however in the short 15 minutes that I sat in, I was motivated to start my own garden.  Well, 5 raised beds, 62 bags of top soil, many many trips to Behnke, Home Depot & Lowes, later, my yard is a hot bed (pun intended) of activity.  

Marian Peele, director of Agency Relations

 I’m growing 15 different types of herbs (all legal), cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and lots of perennials!  So talk to JuJu or Susan, they’ll give you lots of information and inspiration for you to start your own garden.