Meeting Increasing Food Assistance Demand in Ward 8 - Capital Area Food Bank
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Meeting Increasing Food Assistance Demand in Ward 8

By Marian Peele March 18, 2010

Each Wednesday from Noon-1pm and each Thursday from 7-8 pm, the food pantry at Paramount Baptist Church distributes food to those struggling with hunger in DC’s Ward 8.  Pantry Director, Susie Harris, says that there pantry is needed now more than ever.  The number of households she serves doubled in 2009.  In 2008, they served a total of 205 families and in 2009, they served 420 families.

The pantry has been able to meet the increased demand because they are a partner of the Capital Area Food Bank.  Through the Food Bank, they receive USDA Commodities, donated food and when needed purchased product.  In addition, Paramount is one of 54 Brown Bag sites, a supplemental food program for senior citizens.  Each month, pantry volunteers pick up and deliver 23 brown bags for distribution to senior citizens located in Ward 8.  Paramount also receives USDA commodities, fresh produce, and bread and pastries available through the food bank’s Sister Hook Up program.  This year, the pantry received an Abe’s Table grant through the Wizard’s Care foundation.  The $1500 grant allowed the pantry to access additional donated items for distribution to their clients.

Susie Harris says that being a partner of the Capital Area Food Bank has enabled their pantry to serve more families in need of food assistance.  She says, “We thank God for empowering us to provide a needed service in the Ward 8 community through the use of the Capital Area Food Bank.”