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Make A Difference with a Food Drive

By Molly McGlinchy March 8, 2010

As anyone in the area knows, over the past couple of months, the Washington DC area has experienced record amounts of snow. Schools, businesses and even the federal government shut down in response. We experienced empty shelves at the grocery store, a lack of shovels at hardware stores, power outages…the stories go on and on.

As we focused on keeping our families safe and began digging ourselves out, perhaps we didn’t think quite as much about those less fortunate than us. At the Capital Area Food Bank, we continued to provide food for our agencies and our various programs. When we were finally able to open our doors, agencies flooded in to restock their depleted resources. However, during the month of record snow, we experienced a decline in donations. In comparison to February 2009, food drives and individual donations were down 63% for the month.
Since February is a short month, it left just as quickly as it began. Now that the snow is melting, we are looking forward to sunshine and food drives! If you are interested in holding a food drive at your office, school, organization, or place of worship – we need your support. To begin, download the Food Drive Kit.
Let’s make March a month that makes a difference!