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It's Time to Say Goodbye

By Admin August 8, 2008

I think it’s only fitting that we say goodbye and good luck to Ona on the Blog she created. Ona, a true Blogger at heart and an avid reader of all Blogs related to cooking, came up with the idea to make an Operation Frontline Blog a few months ago. Though I was admittedly skeptical at the onset, I soon realized what a great tool Blogs can be for a program. Blogging allow us, most importantly, to share our experiences with the world. But, it is also an avenue for discussion, photo sharing and cataloging our fond memories of Operation Frontline.

Though I have always enjoyed my work with Operation Frontline, before Ona joined the Capital Area Food Bank staff, I must admit, many days were stressful. Running all facets of a program takes a toll on any individual. Not to mention, as much as I wanted to improve and expand the program, there wasn’t time to do so.
Then entered Ona. Relaxed. Passionate. Focused. Creative. Outgoing. Though Ona was an Americorps member, getting paid a shockingly small stipend, she worked long hours without complaint. Our schedules were often crazy, but throughout, Ona kept a smile on her face. She touched the lives of many participants, from kids to senior adults, during this year of service. She impacted and inspired me too. Life has been calmer with Ona around. Life has been more fun with Ona around. We were a true team from the get-go, challenging and supporting one another always.

When someone comes into a job and exceeds expectations, it is inevitably hard to see that individual leave. For Ona, that time is now. At 5pm today, Ona will officially be finished with her year of service to Operation Frontline.
I’m happy to say that Ona has found another position with a well-established nutrition policy organization. She will put her experience with Operation Frontline and her passion for policy to good use.
To you Ona, thanks for your dedication, ambition and friendship. Keep me accountable for updating this Blog, and send me local chef news from time to time. I’m sure we’ll be seeing one another soon at an Operation Frontline series (yes, she has offered to continue as a volunteer!) or at one of our market pot luck meals.
You’re the best! We’ll surely miss you around the Capital Area Food Bank.