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Our Film Debut!

By Admin May 2, 2008

by Ona Balkus
Operation Frontline Assistant Coordinator, Americorps VISTA

A couple of months ago, a group of students from Georgetown University contacted us about making a documentary on Operation Frontline DC for their class Social Justice Documentary. At first we were slightly wary. The logistics of getting media releases for our participants seemed daunting, not to mention fitting a camera crew into the small kitchens already full of volunteers and participants cooking together. As it turned out, like most things, nothing worthwhile is easy.
The product of this group’s hard work is simply amazing. The documentary looks professionally done, with artistic shots, steady camera work, and even a customized musical score. The untiring efforts of these students throughout the filming process, from waiting for late interviewees to convincing a protective principle to let the cameras into the after school program, was so impressive. Most importantly, the group’s sincere intentions to portray our program accurately and the participants respectfully really showed, with a final product that in 10 minutes gets to the core of what Operation Frontline DC is all about.

We plan on using the video for volunteer orientations, trainings, new site visits, and general marketing of the Operation Frontline program. Honestly, we’ll probably show it to anyone we can corner for 10 minutes! We are so grateful to this fine film crew, which includes:
Luke Hillman, Editor
Danielle Thomas, Director
Regina Moore, Producer
Anastasia Doherty, Writer
You all are the best!
Another special thanks to our chefs, Remke and Scott, our participant, Helene, our “dairy godmother” Janet, and the participants of Mazique Family and Child Center and Drew Model school for participating in the video.
You can watch the video and also read more about the documentary project at: www.dashofchange.com