Nourishing Seniors

Food bank programs for seniors provide food to those in need at or near their home.

Next to children, seniors are the most vulnerable group at risk of hunger. Senior food insecurity has risen as a result of the recession. The number of seniors at risk of hunger in 2011 was 50% higher than in 2007.

The Capital Area Food Bank operates two senior food distribution programs. Washington-area seniors can also participate in our Mobile Market program.

The Senior Brown Bag program provides income-qualified seniors with supplemental bags of food and nutrition education materials on a monthly basis. The food bank currently operates 75 Senior Brown Bag locations serving over 4,178 seniors.

In 2012, the food bank began administering the Grocery Plus, otherwise known as the USDA’s Commodity Supplemental Food Program, in Washington, DC.  Grocery Plus program provides monthly supplemental groceries to eligible seniors in addition to a farmer’s market stipend.  Grocery Plus is distributed through community distribution centers and serves 6,300 seniors. Women and children registered with the program before February 7, 2014 may remain on the program until they age out.