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Partner Toolkit

Thank you for your partnership in feeding our neighbors across the region! We’re truly grateful to work with you. We’ve filled this toolkit with messaging, sample social media posts, and links to logos that can help you raise awareness about how we collaborate to provide nutritious food to those who need it. 

Our strong hope is that this co-promotion will help us all do more to serve our neighbors by increasing the visibility of our network. Please feel free to use and adapt these resources so they work for your needs. 

Customizable Messaging Points

  • Thanks to our partnership with the Capital Area Food Bank, we’re able to help more than X# people/families/households in need in our community.  
  • Through our partnership with the Capital Area Food Bank, we’re able to provide X# meals to our community each week/month/year. 
  • A grant from the Capital Area Food Bank helped us do XYZ amazing things like: (Insert your best story and impact results!). 

Food Distribution Promotional Fliers

Use this customizable flyer to promote your food distributions. Simply add your organization’s name or logo along with key information about your distributions, and print. You’ll find a version with two flyers to a page (for printing and cutting) in addition to a single-flyer version 

Food Distribution Promotional Yard Sign

Use this customizable yard sign to promote your food distribution. Display this sign outside your site and write the day and time of your distribution. Download to print on your own or contact Lily Kirschner for printing and delivery at cost.  

Partnership Posters

Print these posters to display our partnership. Posters are a good option for organizations whose facilities don’t allow for placement of the window decals. Two sizes are available: an 8.5×11” version and a larger 16×20” version. 

Sample Social Media Post Language

Proud to be a partner of the [tag CAFB – social handles listed below]! Their partnership enables us to feed [XX NUMBER] of our neighbors in need each year. 

Did you know that we source [XX NUMBER]% of our nutritious food from the [CAFB social handle]? That’s everything from fresh [type of produce] to pallets of [canned X or bags of rice, etc.]! 

Thanks to a grant from [CAFB social handle], we’re able to [share how grant is used / what impact it’s had]. 

Grateful to have [tag CAFB based on medium below] as partner in feeding our neighbors in need across our region! Here’s to [XX NUMBER] years of partnership! 

CAFB’s Social Media Accounts

Capital Area Food Bank (Facebook) 

@foodbankmetrodc (X, formerly Twitter) 

@capitalareafoodbank (Instagram) 

@capitalareafoodbank  (LinkedIn) 


We’ve created multiple logos for you to use. Please find them here. They include: 

  • A version to use on flyers, social media posts, web posts, signage, or other places that you plan to promote the distribution of food received through a partnership with CAFB. See here. 
  • Multiple versions that can be used either next to or under your own logo (see the “Partner of” logo here). The “CAFB_Logo_Partner” logo file can also be used on its own. 

Questions? Contact Lily Kirschner, marketing coordinator, at