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Hunger is Here — Media Toolkit

Capital Area Food Bank
“Hunger is Here” PSA Campaign | Media Toolkit 

Thank you for your interest in the Capital Area Food Bank’s “Hunger is Here” public service announcement campaign. Here you’ll find all the assets associated with the campaign, from broadcast-quality video spots to social media assets and more. We welcome you to download and deploy any and all assets across your channels. 

Table of Contents

The Campaign

The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness about the prevalence of hunger across the DMV. Our research has shown that a large population of individuals in the region don’t see hunger as an urgent issue in our community. This campaign seeks to change that by sharing the stories of real Capital Area Food Bank clients who have or are currently facing hunger. 

Each asset from the campaign directs viewers to, where they can learn more and meet all the clients featured in the campaign. 

The Issue

1 in 3 of our DMV neighbors is facing hunger. That’s a senior who doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from. A child who can’t focus in school because of an empty stomach. A parent working three jobs but struggling to feed their kids. 1 out of every 3 of our neighbors.  

This issue cuts across race, age, gender and geography. In a region as wealthy as ours, no one should face hunger, but so many do. The first step toward change is raising awareness that hunger is here and it’s impacting real, everyday people across our community. 

The People

The campaign features four real-life clients of the Capital Area Food Bank. Each of them represents different life circumstances, ages, races and locations across our community – highlighting how hunger touches so many different people in our region. 

  • Cheryl. Despite working all her life, 80-year-old Silver Spring resident Cheryl now faces the hard choices that many seniors in our area do – including whether to buy medication or food. 
  • Estella. A single mom of three in Chantilly, Estella is both working and back in school to improve her family’s lives. But that vision for tomorrow means struggling to put food on the table today. 
  • Shauna. A native Washingtonian and Southeast DC resident, Shauna and her husband are raising children with special needs while trying to make ends meet. To hear her say it, you might pass her on the street and never know her family struggles with hunger. 
  • Chris. Battling personal issues, Fairfax-native Chris found himself also facing hunger – something he never expected. Now in his early 30s and on the other side of hunger, he knows it can happen to anyone in our region. 

Video PSAs

Available for broadcast and web at 1920×1080 H.264 and ProResLT 

  • Chris (:30) View | Download (H.264, ProResLT, SRT File) 
  • Anthem Spot (:60) – Meet all the campaign’s clients as they share how hunger is truly here in the DMV, even though it may be hiding in plain sight. View | Download (H.264, ProResLT, SRT File) 

Download All H.264 | Download All ProResLT | Download All SRT Files 

Radio PSAs

All :30

Cheryl | Estella | Shauna | Chris 

Download All 

Social Media Assets

Images sized for Instagram but useable across mediums 

Cheryl | Estella | Shauna | Chris 

Download All 

Sample Social Media Copy 

General. 1 in 3 of our DMV neighbors is facing hunger. Join [ORGANIZATION HANDLE] and [CAFB HANDLE] in hearing the stories of the seniors, families and children struggling with hunger in our region. #HungerIsHere 

Cheryl.1 in 3 of our DMV neighbors is facing hunger, including seniors like Cheryl. On a fixed income, the 80-year-old often faces tough choices over what she can afford: food or medicine. Hear Cheryl’s story at #HungerIsHere

Estella. Estella is among the 1 in 3 of our DMV neighbors facing hunger. A single mom of three kids,she’s doing her best to provide for her family as she juggles working and studying. But it’s not easy. Hear Estella’s story at #HungerIsHere 

Shauna.1 in 3 of our DMV neighbors is facing hunger, just like Shauna. She and her husband are working hard to raise their specialneeds children, but they struggle to put food on the table. Hear Shauna’s story at #HungerIsHere

Chris.Chris used to count himself among the 1 in 3 of our DMV neighbors facing hunger. He never thought it could happen to him, but now he knows it can happen to anyone. Hear Chris’s story at #HungerIsHere

CAFB’s Social Media Accounts

Full-Page Magazine Ads

Sized to 7 x 10 with no bleed

Cheryl | Estella | Shauna | Chris  

Download all 

Transit Shelter Posters

Cheryl (print, digital) | Estella (print, digital) | Shauna (print, digital) | Chris (print, digital) 

Download all print | Download all digital 

Questions? Contact Patrick Bradley, director of marketing, at