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Service, Setbacks, and Second Chances: Warren’s Story

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Homelessness and food insecurity were never a part of the retirement that Warren, a veteran of the US Army, had envisioned for himself. But when they became his reality, support from the food bank and its partner Access Housing Inc. helped him move toward a new future.

From Great Aunt to Primary Caretaker: Pam’s Story

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Pam was all set for a quiet retirement, but life had other plans. When she suddenly became caretaker to family from ages 7 to over 80, she wasn’t sure how she was going to keep food on the table. The support from a local Family Market helped to fill in the gaps.

Food Wisdom from One Senior to All

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“I know what it is to be hungry,” Wendy Brinkley says. “I know what it is to not have. When I have one slice of cheese and two pieces of bread, I make the most of what I have.”