Stories From the Community: Deborah

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Capital Area Food Bank employee Gabrielle Gilliam discusses a recent mobile market event where she met a grandmother from the community, Deborah. Deborah is the grandmother of three grandchildren and works hard to make sure that they get the food they need to grow up strong and healthy.

Show Your Heart Some Love

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We all know that a healthy heart is essential to our well-being; take good care of it with with exercise and a well-balanced diet.

Recipe of the Month: Leftovers

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Turn leftover sweet potatoes and black beans into tortilla soup or a delicious breakfast hash. Leftover avocado adds loads of flavor to a simple salsa. And chili powder can add a kick to almost any meal. Reduce food waste and save money with quick and easy to make meals using leftovers.

Stories of Giving: Paulette and Pauline

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When I arrive with the produce for our free weekend farmers’ markets around 8 a.m., there are always at least 70 people already lined up, even when it’s cold or raining. When the market opens a few hours later, we get to work distributing food to the 300+ men, women, and kids who come out… Read more »

Stories of Giving: Jake and Evan

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We just got done with our first semester at George Washington University where we spend a lot of time debating theories on which governmental systems would make people’s lives better. After all those discussions, we wanted to truly do something to help people. With the semester ending, our debate group – the GW Student Vanguard… Read more »