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Where Does Your #GivingTuesday Dollar Go?

By cafb October 31, 2022

#GivingTuesday is an annual celebration of global generosity and a chance for people across the globe to make a positive impact. This year, you can make a huge impact right where you live through your support of the Capital Area Food Bank!

When you give, you provide critically needed meals for neighbors across Washington and the surrounding Virginia and Maryland suburbs.

Curious about how this happens?

Well, check out the chart below and then have a read!

Final CAFB Trifold Brochure
First, the CAFB sources the food.

It comes from local farmers.

Produce from farms

It comes from PTAs and soccer teams and companies that hold food drives.

It comes from generous grocery stores like Giant Food, Safeway, and others.

And during the last few years, due to pandemic-related supply chain issues, we also purchase a lot of it from wholesalers.

Next, we send that food to our trusted network of hundreds of nonprofit partners! They include many organizations you might be familiar with, like SOME (So Others Might Eat), DC Central Kitchen, and Martha’s Table in Washington; Manna Food Center and Shabach in Maryland; Food for OthersALIVE!, and SERVE in Virginia. They also include some you may not have heard of like Damien Ministries.

Then what happens?

Our partners receive that food and get to work getting it to people who need it.

  • Martha’s Table turns our food into meals for kids so that they can grow and learn.
  • Manna packs bags for seniors so they get the nutrients they need to stay healthy.
  • DC Central Kitchen fuels the bodies and minds of those participating in its culinary employment programs.
  • Damien Ministries and Food and Friends serve our neighbors who are dealing with chronic illness.

You mean CAFB provides food to all those places?

We do! We’re proud to supply a network of incredible partners across our region who are helping people get the food they need to thrive today. And increasingly, we’re working with other organizations to pair food with services like job training, education, and health care that can help to address some of hunger’s root causes.

But what about in areas where the CAFB doesn’t have a partner non-profit to help meet the need?

Great question. When there is no partner who can do it, our drivers roll up in a big 18-wheeler and deliver groceries right into the neighborhood.

We deliver food directly to communities of seniors who need wholesome meals.

And we set up farmer’s market style fruit and vegetable markets where folks in need can get healthy produce at no cost.

All told, the food bank will provide the food for 45 million meals this year (50% more than pre-pandemic).

The Capital Area Food Bank provides the ingredients for good meals to support the nearly half a million people in our region who aren’t always sure where their next meal will come from.

Wow—that’s a lot of people.

It is, and because we help provide nutritious meals for so many people, we’re always focused on ensuring that the food we provide is nutritious and contributes to wellness.

That sounds like a big impact!

It sure is, and YOU make it all possible.

Thank you for supporting your neighbors!