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Sharing the Love: A Tale of Corporate Caring

By Lavette Sims February 14, 2018

The Capital Area Food Bank has sought to improve and increase access to healthier food options for children and families around the DC metro area. To this end, 43 schools around the region house monthly, school-based pantries that provide shelf stable and fresh produce to hundreds of families. Over the last three years volunteers from CNSI, headquartered in Rockville, MD, have generously shared their time and resources to ensure that the students at Southlake Elementary School in Gaithersburg, MD are able to select from a variety of nutritious food including: cabbage, sweet potatoes, apples, cauliflower, tuna and more. The school pantries are a part of the food bank’s focus on children and our strategic objective to contribute to health and wellness by providing more nourishing food.

CNSI iCare volunteers wtih students at Southlake Elementary School
CNSI iCare volunteers wtih students at Southlake Elementary School

“I like helping families and children,” said Renee Campbell, a CNSI employee. “The idea of how the cafeteria is set up like a grocery store is great. I love seeing the faces of the kids as they help to pick out the food that they want and how happy they are when they leave. The families really seem to appreciate having the support of CNSI volunteers.”
CNSI’s iCare corporate citizenship program has five pillars including philanthropy and volunteerism which are a part of the organization’s culture. The CNSI leadership is authentic in promoting and advancing the idea of being “globally minded and locally committed.” Ten to fifteen volunteers spend up to four hours helping to set-up 5,000 to 8,000 pounds of food during each distribution. Cafeteria tables are lined with a variety of food items.
“I am relatively new to the organization (CNSI) and when I volunteered during the Family Market at Southlake, it was fantastic to see that the families were able to pick up exactly what they wanted,” said Roger Brown. “We have the ability to not just provide sponsorship and resources, but we are able to reach out and touch those who actually benefit and that our [CNSI team members] presence does matter to the school. There is a great turnout from the school community and they are enthusiastic. We get a chance to meet those who are impacted.”
CNSI iCare volunteers create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the students and their families during the entire school year. It takes a wiliness to give back, a spirit of caring and a love of service. We salute CNSI for your continued support. Thank you!