Stories of Giving: Tom and Jay - Capital Area Food Bank
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Stories of Giving: Tom and Jay

By cafb December 22, 2017

When people were suffering after Hurricane Harvey earlier this year, we knew we had to do something. Food is the most basic human need, so that’s what we focused on.
We both have young kids, and we wanted to show them that helping others is the right thing to do. Before long, we had our families, our local hockey league (the South Shore SeaHawks), and people from all over our town pitching in to collect funds and over 2,000 pounds of food.

Tom Donohue and Jake Ryan with Tom’s ice cream truck full of food

We’re from Scituate, MA, and the Capital Area Food Bank was the closest organization to us that was sending relief to the victims. It’s 470 miles away, but we filled up an ice cream truck—loaned by a local business—and made the drive. I know that if it were our families struggling, someone would do the same for us.
Thanks for the inspiration, Tom and Jake!

We’re proud that we could help people get food when they needed it. And we’re glad that the Capital Area Food Bank is doing the same for people in the local area every day.
You don’t have to drive an ice cream truck from Boston to DC to make a difference. Will you join us in providing food to those in need today?
We hope so!
– Jay Ryan and Tom Donahue