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Stories of Giving: Paulette and Pauline

By cafb December 22, 2017

When I arrive with the produce for our free weekend farmers’ markets around 8 a.m., there are always at least 70 people already lined up, even when it’s cold or raining. When the market opens a few hours later, we get to work distributing food to the 300+ men, women, and kids who come out to receive produce.
None of that work would be possible without all the people who pitch in to help set up and distribute food. Some of them have been volunteering at every market for years.

Scott Robinson with MD Community Markeplace volunteers Pauline and Paulette

There’s Paulette and Pauline, twin sisters who make things run like clockwork and hand out sweet potatoes and greens with big smiles. Joe, a long-time regular and retired police officer who simply enjoys volunteering and assisting people. And Michael, a market patron—who is usually the earliest to arrive, helps to set up and then brings much-needed food from the market back to his family.
Our Community Marketplace is just that – a community. And one that I’m proud to be a part of.
We can all do something to help men, women, and kids get the good food they need. Can you join us with a generous gift today?
Scott Robinson
Capital Area Food Bank Driver