Stories of Giving: Claire - Capital Area Food Bank
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Stories of Giving: Claire

By cafb December 22, 2017

Giving back is important to our family, especially at the holidays.
We talk with our daughters about giving presents to those who don’t have them, and we’ve had similar conversations about food.
When I was making a donation to the food bank, my daughter Claire asked what I was doing and I explained that we were helping other people have enough to eat.
She wanted to do something too, so we agreed that she would send the contents of her “give” jar, where she puts some of her allowance and tooth fairy money. She’s still working on her writing but she dictated a note to me to send with it.

Claire's letter to the food bank: dear capital food bank, my name is claire. i am 5 1/2. i live in washington, d.c. i saved this money. i am giving it to you for people who do not have enough to eat. i will try to be helpful in the next four years. love, clair
Claire’s letter to the food bank

Claire is thrilled to have helped kids and families, and I’m happy to see her developing a love for caring about others.
I hope you’ll join Claire and our family in supporting people who are in need this season.
Elizabeth S.