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"I Work Hard For My Family"

By Kirsten Bourne June 12, 2017

If you talk to José for ten minutes, there’s no escaping it: he’s a dad. He readily pulls out his phone to show off the family photo taken at his son’s recent graduation, pointing out how lovely his daughters look.
José works as a custodian at a high school in Columbia Heights. As the primary bread winner, he feels the weight of filling the refrigerator for his busy family. He’s committed to making sure his kids have the food they need to stay healthy, learn, and excel, even on a tight budget.
“It’s very important for us that all our kids go to college,” said José. “I work hard for my family, this is hard work. I want my son to do something different.”

The food that he receives from the Capital Area Food Bank – fresh vegetables, fruit, and other groceries – is making a big difference for his family’s ability to eat well, and to stretch dollars further. “I’ve had a lot of help from the food. It’s helped me save some money every month for my family,” he said.
Dads across our area dream of the same things for their children: health and bright futures.
When you honor a father, grandfather, or father-figure in your life with a gift to the food bank this Father’s Day, you’re making that dream possible for thousands of people.
Will you join us in helping dads like José today? For $20, you can provide 50 meals to fathers and families.