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On The Ninth Day of Giving, My Food Bank Gave to Me…

By Wessita McKinley December 28, 2016

Nine (thousand) seniors dining!

I spend my days surrounded by seniors who love laughter, gossip, and food.  While there’s always plenty of the laughter and gossip in their lives, there’s not always quite enough food. We’re there to help fill that gap.
With your support, 9,000 seniors receive groceries and produce through our Grocery Plus and Senior Brown bag programs.  I work at our Grocery Plus distribution center, and for the seniors who come through our doors, it’s a chance to swap stories and share recipes, and to get the food they need to stay healthy and strong.

A lot of the folks who come to the center are like family – both to the staff and to one another.  They cook for each other, look out for one another, and really appreciate the food they receive. Mr. Marrero, who always tells us how much the extra food means to his family, brings lollipops every time he visits as a way of saying thank you.  Ms. Barclay, from Jamaica, likes using the food bank’s recipes, and sometimes brings in her own specialties to share as well.
Working with our seniors brings me joy and inspiration. I hope that you’ll feel some of the same by making a gift today. Please support this strong community and keep the laughter, gossip, and food coming – we’re counting on you!