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On The Fifth Day of Giving, My Food Bank Gave to Me…

By Michael Okoro December 24, 2016

Five pullers picking!

Cases, boxes – whatever you call them, you’re talking about my specialty.
Once our volunteers have food packed and it’s ready to go, I have a hand in getting almost every one of the 14,000+ boxes that we pick from our distribution center shelves every week into the cars, trucks, and minivans that our partners bring to pick up food.

Bright and early, I work with my team’s four other pullers to see what our partners have asked to pick up that day so that we can have it ready for them.  Then we get up on forklifts and get to work filling orders.
I pull boxes of canned green vegetables; brown rice; canned chicken and tuna – you name it – off of our racks, sometimes from as high as 50 feet off the ground.  And then I get them all lined up for Manna, Food for Others, DC Central Kitchen, St. Anthony’s Church,  Food and Friends, Allen Chapel AME, the YMCA, the DC Jewish Community Center, or whichever of our hundreds of partners are coming in that day.
I love keeping the food moving to our partners (and driving the forklift is pretty cool too).
Will you make a generous gift to the food bank today so I have enough food to pull and load onto trucks for children and families in need?
I hope so – we need your support!