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Morgan Stanley Gives Back

By Angelina Jarrouj August 23, 2016

The beauty of giving is that it comes in lots of different forms.  The Capital Area Food Bank is fortunate to have the support of many people and companies who give generously of their time, energy, expertise, and funds in order to provide access to good, healthy food in every community.  And across every kind of giving, Morgan Stanley stands out.
They help get fresh vegetables and other healthy groceries, like whole wheat pasta and peanut butter, to children and parents through generous sponsorship of our Family Markets. Because of Morgan Stanley’s support, families can select food together at several free, school-based markets in Maryland and DC, while also accessing community services, participating in cooking demonstrations, and learning about health and nutrition.
Morgan Stanley also makes sure kids have enough to eat on the weekends, when they might not have meals waiting at home, by providing funds for our kid-friendly, take-home Weekend Bags. Each bag contains snacks and food that kids can eat on their own, along with groceries that families can cook together.  Morgan Stanley’s contributions have increased access to healthy food for hundreds of low-income families and children who benefit from this program.
All told, Morgan Stanley has supported the food bank, and the community it serves, with more than $300,000 in financial support since 2010!
Morgan Stanley employees also give generously of their time through volunteerism. Just last month, we welcomed 20 employees to our main distribution center in Northeast DC, where they sorted 16,000 pounds of food using our conveyor belt.  The next day, much of that food was headed for the homes and plates of families throughout the region.
These volunteer hours were just some of the many that Morgan Stanley groups have logged during the last 14 months, sorting thousands more pounds of food that ultimately reached men, women, and children in need.
The dedication that Morgan Stanley and its employees show is a humbling reminder of the role the community and partnerships plays in making our work possible. Thank you, Morgan Stanley, for giving back!