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Three Little Words

By Amy Hedges December 1, 2015

“Come ‘n’ eat!”
This simple phrase hollered from the top of the stairs was always enough to coax me from our home’s beloved basement, domain only of children and laundry.  I heard and called this familiar refrain eno
ugh as a little girl that it hardly seems like three separate words to me.
Over casseroles, pot roasts, and dreaded lima beans, my mother insisted at every dinner that we play the same game,
2015-gift-never-waster-graphic-300x300 which she called simply, “Highs and Lows.”  Taking turns, each family member was required to share the high point and low point of his or her day, and to listen respectfully to even the grouchiest of our four siblings.  Looking back, I realize that this wasn’t a game at all.  It was an overburdened single parent’s genius strategy to make sure that everyone had a chance to express themselves and be heard, if only for a few moments each day.  Hardship was no stranger at our house, but I don’t remember any of the low points my family talked about.  I’ll never forget what my mother always said was her favorite part of her day, though: “Being here together.”
Mom knew then what I’m still only beginning to understand now, more than a decade after leaving her house.  Coming together is important, during the holidays and all year round.
Today is Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back.  Our friends at Safelite AutoGlass have graciously pledged to double the gift you make today.  Join us and get out the give!
By choosing to give with Capital Area Food Bank, you’re giving thousands of families across our communities the chance to spend a little less time worrying about how to put food on the table, and a little more time focusing on coming together, maybe even sharing those three little words, “Come ‘n’ eat!”