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Eight Years Hosting Food Drives: A Doctor’s Story

By Dr. Ray Solano October 8, 2015

ray solano
Dr. Ray Solano (center) poses with Capital Area Food Bank staff members at last year’s food drive.

Growing up in the DC metro area, you are exposed to a lot. When I was a little boy, my parents would drive through our nation’s capital and I often wondered why some people were less fortunate, and whether they had enough to eat. The thought would break my heart, but I knew that one day I would be in a position to help.

I am a firm believer that action is a cause set in motion, and that cause produces an effect. So about 8 years ago, my wife and I decided to put together an event for patients in our medical office that would help collect food donations for the Capital Area Food Bank. In just two years, the event outgrew our office space. We later moved to nearby restaurants in an effort to include more of the community and the event has since taken off. With the help of patients, local athletes, news media, local schools, chambers of commerce, family and friends, this event continues to grow. To date we have raised over $10,000 for the Capital Area Food Bank and collected approximately 10,000 pounds of food.

Today kicks off my 8th Annual Food Drive Event for Capital Area Food Bank. It’s an event close to my heart for many reasons, but primarily because it takes care of those less fortunate right here in our own backyards. For the past 8 years, the goal of the event has been to raise hunger awareness, food, and funds.. My personal mission has been to remind others of the responsibility we have as a community to make sure everyone has enoughhealthy food. I think that’s just a basic right people should have.

Solving hunger lays the foundation for progress in many areas of development, including health, wellness, and education. Well-nourished women have healthier babies whose immune systems are stronger for life. A healthy, well-fed child is also more likely to attend and flourish in school.

As a leader in the medical field, I have witnessed how important having access to healthy food is for preventing diseases like diabetes and heart disease. From the bottom of my heart, I invite you to join us this year in raising food and funds to continue to solve the issue of hunger that is right here in our own backyards.