Remembering Hannah…Part 4 - Capital Area Food Bank
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Remembering Hannah…Part 4

By Christel Hair June 23, 2015

hawkThis is part four of a four-part tribute to Hannah Hawkins. Read the first, second and third parts.
My acrostic for the lovely Ms. Hannah Hawkins:
Never-ending faith
Always focused on Children and others suffering in her community
Hannah was one of the most passionate people I’ve met in my tenure at the Capital Area Food Bank. She was locked into her mission and vision of supporting and uplifting those in her Southeast, Washington DC community.  I remember one really bad winter in the food bank’s previous headquarters on Taylor Street, NE.   She described the many kids who would arrive at Children of Mine with one glove or no gloves; and that sadly being the very least of their hardships faced daily.  I went right to the store and bought many sizes and colors for her to share in addition to making a gift to Children of Mine. You give to people, people you trust, and I trusted that my gift, although small, was appreciated and would be put to good use to help those Hannah loved so dearly and passionately – children of all ages in her Southeast community.  God speed Hannah, I know you are still working just as hard in your new heavenly home.