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Turn Your Party into Hunger Action

By Ashley Hieb April 22, 2015

birthdayBirthdays are often used as a time to focus on yourself—reflect upon your life accomplishments, surround yourself with people who care about you and enjoy a moment of peace for all your hard work. After all, there are many reasons to celebrate!
But, for some, like Jared Earley, community service is a fun and profound way to party. On April 10, Earley invited a dozen friends to the food bank to volunteer sorting and packing food in the warehouse. With a good playlist created by the birthday boy and a positive attitude, the group rolled up their sleeves and got to work.
Powered by cake, good cheer and a great cause, the group sorted nearly 5,000 pounds of food in just two and a half hours. This is the equivalent of more than 4,000 meals for families, children and seniors at risk of hunger in our community.
Exhausted and sweaty, the group kept the party going by hitting up one of the many amazing bars in the Brookland community. Just a short walk from the Capital Area Food Bank, the neighborhood is home to a variety of hangout spots — both old and new.
“I’m fortunate for all of the outside-the-box thinkers in my life,” Earley said. “From my guests who were generous with their time at the end of a work week, to the Capital Area Food Bank team, who were such accommodating and open-minded hosts – it felt good to get involved with an activity that is important, joined by friends who are important to me.”
Have you considered setting up a volunteer activity on your birthday? Our volunteer lounge can accommodate up to 65 volunteers. Contact our Volunteer Department or Ashley Hieb at ahieb@capitalareafoodbank.org  to host your own special event with friends and family.
Or, if you’re looking for an even simpler way to provide maximum benefit, consider setting up a team page to crowdfund your birthday into funds for the food bank.