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You’re NOT You When You’re Hungry

By Megan Carroll February 9, 2015

Snickers photos are copyrighted. So, instead, how about a stock photo of a distracted, little girl?
It’s a crowded party and somebody invited surly Joe Pesci. And, like his character in Good Fellas, his irritability is making others around him uncomfortable.
Then you find out, in the popular Snickers commercial, it isn’t Joe Pesci. It’s just some guy who’s so hungry that he can’t get through a basic conversation.
While the Capital Area Food Bank does not condone satisfying hunger with candy, these commercials actually make a good point. You’re NOT you when you’re hungry.
Hunger and inattentiveness strongly correlate and for the 16 million children at risk of hunger in the US, it has long-lasting consequences. Joel Berg of NYC’s Coalition Against Hunger states, “Malnourished children do not do as well in school, are more likely to drop out, and are less likely to go to college than children who are properly nourished. Consequently, malnourished children earn less as adults…”
It’s a vicious cycle that the CAFB continually disrupts through its child feeding programs, such as Family Markets and the Weekend Bag program. By nourishing children with healthful meals, their opportunities toward achieving success in school and other activities greatly improves.
The ongoing 35 for 35 campaign is an initiative to help sustain our work in feeding kids in the Washington metro area. Though our goal of raising $23,000 is a lofty one, the ask is small and comes with monumental results.
For a $35 investment – the equivalent of 88 meals – you help the CAFB ensure that children go through their days with full stomachs, positive attitudes and focused minds.
That beats turning Danny Trejo into Marcia Brady, which evidently happens when you eat a Snickers.
Together, we can maximize the potential of nearly 150,000 children struggling with hunger right here in our community. Talk about a value meal!