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Graduates Embark on Journeys Towards Health

By Livia Berg January 16, 2015

cmLivia Berg is an Americorps Volunteer and Cooking Matters Coordinator
Rounds of applause, cheering and smiles marked the success of the Capital Area Food Bank’s nine Cooking Matters for Adults graduates at Glassmanor Elementary School on December 3.  Cooking Matters, offered in partnership with Share Our Strength, is a six-week course that teaches low-income individuals that eating healthily can be easy, affordable and delicious. During the sixth class session, participants are asked to reflect on the knowledge and skills learned throughout the course.  One participant commented “It’s made me more aware of what actual nutrition is all about. It’s taught me different ways to help incorporate healthy into every meal.”
After reflecting on the class, I’ve found the level of passion from volunteers and participants to be incredibly inspiring. Glassmanor parents sought to truly understand how dietary quality affected their health and how to make changes to improve the health of their families. What made this course special and unique was the opportunity for mothers to bond with their children while learning how to cook together.  Through their involvement with the cooking lessons, children felt empowered to try the “scary and gross” vegetables on their plate and even asked for seconds of the various meals that were made – from barley and lentil soup to hearty egg burritos.
Through my experience at Glassmanor, the impact Cooking Matters has on participants is immense. According to class members, the sessions helped them learn how to purchase more food on a budget and improve their family’s health through an increased awareness of their salt, sugar and fat consumption. At the end of graduation, participants sought final tips on ways to continue improving their food habits and those of their community members.
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