The Anaerobic Volunteer Experience - Capital Area Food Bank
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The Anaerobic Volunteer Experience

By Maria Whelan October 2, 2014

the-sorterEver wonder how the Capital Area Food Bank manages to distribute 35 million meals to families struggling with hunger each year? No, it’s not by drones…yet. Quite simply, it is largely dependent on volunteers who help move the food in the CAFB’s distribution center on a daily basis!
At the CAFB, volunteerism is equally as important as monetary support. Volunteers are needed to get nutritious meals from the food bank’s facilities into the homes of over 500,000 people. In the past year, the invaluable work of volunteers saved the CAFB $2.8 million in staffing costs.
The need for volunteers, however, is still great. In the past few months, TONS of food was donated through Canstruction and the Fed Feeds Families Food Drive. The CAFB is now challenged with getting the food quickly to its food assistance partners and more importantly to those in need.
Yes, there will be a bit of picking things up just to put them back down, but the volunteer experience extends beyond simply sorting and packing. As Marian Barton Peele, senior director of partner relations and programs, points out in the video below, “What they are really doing is laying the foundation for health, wellness and education for thousands in the Washington, DC area.” Volunteering at the CAFB is an enriching experience, bringing together those who want to join a social movement and help solve hunger in the Washington metro area.

Without the dedication and time of individuals, the CAFB would not be able to effectively reach those in need. Join the team at the CAFB and help nourish children, seniors and families at risk of hunger.