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Action Oriented

By Maria Whelan September 12, 2014


September is in full swing, and you are probably in class or the office, daydreaming about your past summer vacation. Well, snap out of it! Gone are the days of leisurely afternoons by the pool.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, September has many redeeming features, including a perfect opportunity to join a community of people bringing greater attention to the issue of hunger.  It’s Hunger Action Month!

Doing your bit for your community is easier than ever. With 30 Ways in 30 Days, you’ll discover that this month is packed with simple, meaningful activities for raising awareness about hunger.

Creating awareness can be as simple as sharing a hunger fact with a friend or Going Orange on social media.

If you are a student, Hunger Action Month is an opportune time to get ahead of community service obligations. Make a difference while jingling your busy homework schedule, by sorting donations at CAFB or participating in a monthly Mobile Marketplace, which services local neighborhoods in need.

For the self-starters, spearhead an initiative that will have a huge impact by becoming a Neighborhood Caption, and reaching out in your local area.

There are numerous ways for everyone to get involved!

Hunger Action Month is all about individuals generating awareness, in whatever capacity they can, to fight against hunger.  While September signifies the start of the fall, let it also mark the regeneration of the proactive you!