Special Midnight Unveiling on September 15 - Capital Area Food Bank
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Special Midnight Unveiling on September 15

By Maria Whelan September 10, 2014

Psst…something big is happening at the Capital Area Food Bank!
CAFB staffers are currently mum on what the news might be and are refusing to take questions from the public or reporters. The only information anyone has provided is that countdown clock ticking away.
There is a lot of speculation on what will happen on September 15 at 12 AM. Rumors are rife about the launch of a CAFB “smart truck” or the expansion of the food bank’s conveyor belt all the way to its Lorton facility – an achievement that would take food banking to the Jetsonian age. Unlike an Apple event, nobody knows what to expect.
It’s important for people to follow the CAFB on Facebook and Twitter for details that might shed some light.
Whatever happens, there is no question it will have a major impact on alleviating hunger in the Washington metro area.