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CAN’t Get Away for Labor Day?

By Chris von Spiegelfeld August 29, 2014

bowlingHey lousy family planners. Yeah, you, the guys and gals who are already starting to feel guilty because your only alternative to a grueling Labor Day road trip to see grandma might instead be plopping the kids in front of the television for hours on end.
It doesn’t have to play out that way  – at least not for a few hours – because a wholesome, free diversion is right around the corner.
Introducing Canstruction!  Yes, that is spelled correctly. No, this isn’t a blog post trying to introduce your kids to the thrills of driving rebar with a rotary hammer.
Canstruction is a family friendly exhibition at the National Building Museum where your kids can marvel at massive structures made out of non-perishables. Every year, teams of architects and engineers are provided a central theme and have to erect a monument out of “building supplies” they obtained from Safeway and other grocers.
And what is this year’s Canstruction theme? …Wait for it… “Play With Your Food!“  Yep, it gets kid friendlier with each line.
All Canstructions were designed and built to relate to the Building Museum’s architectural toy collection. Twenty-eight structures resembling toys and games fill the entire east side of the museum.
Perhaps you might also be interested in piling on a civics lesson in the process. There’s no better way to teach kids about voting irregularities than to have them act it out at the Canstruction “ballot boxes.”
People are encouraged to “vote” by donating non-perishables to their favorite Canstructions. Folks can vote multiple times and for as many teams as they like.  All those votes will ultimately go on to become meals for those in the Washington metro area at risk of hunger.
So, familiarize with the Building Museum schedule, load up the wagon with food, and treat the fam to a fun-filled architectural experience.